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Top 5 Benefits Gained Hiring Qualified Senior Candidates in 2023

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Many employers in today’s competitive marketplace struggle to fill many open positions within their organizations. As a result, Human Resource Departments may be using AI algorithms, potentially causing them to miss out on a veritable goldmine of qualified value-added candidates. Sure, it saves valuable time to put various key identifiers in place that will disqualify candidates who do not satisfy essential core job or position requirements. Still, if your key identifiers are causing you to miss out on quality candidates, you may want to revisit your resume/CV screening policies.

Many mature or senior candidates are disqualified because senior workers may be very overqualified for the position they seek. The algorithm protocol will disqualify them before any human component ever looks at the information.

Certainly, an actual human would NEVER discount someone based on age, right?

Here are seven top benefits to consider adjusting your AI algorithm to ensure you are not missing out on a treasure trove of qualified, amazing candidates that want to work with your organization.

1. Dynamic: Many senior workers are deeply knowledgeable and highly skilled in various areas and can easily provide an extensive range of assistance to many aspects of the overall business process.

2. Expertise: A senior employee represents someone that has been in the game for a while; this is not their first rodeo. They have experience and knowledge in handling (and avoiding) potential mishaps. They have the ability to focus on the details that may be easily overlooked by the fast-paced trends in today’s busy marketplace.

3. Quality: When you hire a senior worker, you get a worker with the experience and ability to deliver consistent quality work across various aspects of the basic job requirements easily and efficiently.

4. Adaptability: Many senior workers can be flexible with scheduling and easily accommodate schedule changes. Your organization will benefit from their vast knowledge, years of experience, and ability to interact professionally with various colleagues and clients.

5. Dedication: The hiring process can be exhausting. Some workers hired are not in it for the long haul and are only marking time until the next better opportunity comes around. Most senior workers can prove to be dependable and very reliable. They are not looking to make a name for themselves; they have already done that. They are looking for a place to be respected and where they feel they are a part of something special.

If your organization has a position or [positions you are working hard to fill, perhaps it is time to give some consideration to a senior, mature candidate. You will most likely be pleasantly surprised and very happy with your hiring decision.


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