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Top 3 Reasons Your Social Media Focus Should Include the 50+ Crowd

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

1. Millennials aren’t the only ones using social media.

When it comes to online shopping, the numbers may surprise you! Millennials are not the biggest spenders out there!

GenX and Baby Boomers, those between 40-75 make up more than 60% of the pie! Jordan Elkind, VP of product marketing for Amperity, stated to Fast Company recently that, “most customers shopping online today are over 60 and are most likely to make fashion purchases. One hypothesis brands have, is that young professionals also have young children at home and don’t have a lot of time to spend online shopping right now. Here is the full article. Spending on Clothes Plummets

2. Grandparents are the fastest growing group on Twitter.

The over 50 crowd represent close to 25 percent of all US Twitter users! Grandparents have a whole new outlet to share all those pictures of their beloved adorable grandchildren and their exciting romantic retirement adventures! If you are not retooling your media strategy to include this demographic across all your social media streams, you are really missing a huge chunk of users you could be connecting with daily! Check out some more cool Twitter facts here Twitter Fun Facts and here US Twitter Demographics

Hughes Media

3. The 50+ crowd are more comfortable online than you may think…

The over 50 crowd has influencers and super-hip bloggers that you probably didn’t even know exist! These guys and gals have loads of followers you may be missing out on when planning your next social media campaign. These dynamic popular peeps blog about every topic under the sun. Have you ever heard about Plogging?? You really need to check some of these Bloggers and Influencers out to see how the rest of the world lives! THEY ARE ROCKING IT!! Here are just a few of the bloggers and influencers you really should check out! Women 50+ Owning Blogging and Best Over 60 Bloggers and Influencers to Follow in 2020.

Hughes Media Go Plogging

When sitting down to finalize your next media campaign, stop, look and listen to make sure to are not missing out on a viable part of the market that is yours to connect with TODAY!

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